Eparchiaki Odos Lefkas - Vasilikis
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The best time of year to sail in Vassiliki is between late May and early September. The wind is usually light onshore in the mornings and in the late afternoon, around 3-4pm, a strong cross shore wind develops from the right. This means there is a good mix of conditions, perfect for beginners in the morning, and planning conditions in the afternoon.

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A good forecast shows wind with a Westerly direction so SW, W or NW is good. Anything over 10 knots will give planing conditions in the bay. The local wind has a legendary reputation and is nicknamed 'Eric'. A catabatic effect is created by the adjacent mountain making it seem as though the wind is coming from the mountain itself. Therefore the closest sailing point to the mountain has very flat water and the further downwind wind you go the choppier it gets. The best freestyle spot for wind and chop is directly out from the Club Vass centre, and the best for flat water conditions is by the Neilson centre, which enjoys the arrival of the wind first and for longest.

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Only Windsurf !!

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